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How to be a Great Host for Renters

Published on April 21, 2015 by housefor_aaer1a

We have put together some easy steps every host can follow to prevent hosting from becoming more of a chore than a reward.

“Some of our most enthusiastic hosts are so dedicated to their guests having an exceptional stay that they’re challenged to find their own time and resources for themselves,” says one host. “They’re givers and sometimes givers swing too far into that giving activity.”

Accurately describe your rental property

Nothing will ruin a vacation quicker than having a guest showing up only to realize that the advertised home in the pictures looks nothing like the house they have arrived at. Present accurate pictures with clear descriptions, do not write superlatives when describing your property, and always make sure the total amount due and payable is exactly what was agreed to beforehand. Some guests will love a rustic setting where the home is nestled in the woods while others will only feel comfortable if they are staying right on the main street.

Know who you can call on short notice. 

There is no such thing as “perfect”. Appliances go down, air conditioners will freeze up, door knobs can become sticky. How you handle and respond to unforeseen problems can go a long way towards ensuring your guests and you have a smooth and happy rental. Jumping into the rental game is not difficult if you have a game plan set out in advance. If you are in Colorado and your rental home is in North Carolina, what will you do if your customer locks themselves out? Do you have someone nearby that you can call in a pinch to get a spare key to them quickly. And by quickly we don’t mean within the next 2 hours or so. Generally speaking you need to be as quickly responsive as possible to resolve issues as they arise. In the case of the lost key you can eliminate this issue by upgrading your locks to one of the new “Smart Locks”

Be responsive to guests inquiries. 

Nothing will ruin a potential clients view of you quicker than being blown off. Yes, some guests can be more demanding than others, but they all want the same thing; to be appreciated as a customer. As the old saying goes “The customer is always right”. With you now acting as a small business owner, you should strive to ensure your guests have your undivided attention from inquiry through departure. If they have a great time there is a high probability they will return in the future and they will refer you to friends of theirs.

Hire PROFESSIONAL cleaners. 

This cannot be stressed enough. If you want to ensure a great vacation for your guests, making sure your property is clean and presentable is paramount. Fixing small things the moment they pop up. (Loose toilet seats, burned out light bulbs, smoke detector alarms chirping, etc) Your housekeeping staff should notify you immediately when situations like these arise. We also suggest at a minimum performing twice a year deep cleanings. This includes pulling out the refrigerators, moving the mattresses, box springs,  getting behind the headboards, and touch up painting. Identify the times when your property will be used the least and schedule all of the heavy maintenance at this time.


2 thoughts on “How to be a Great Host for Renters

  • Jenny
    on April 21, 2015

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  • Laura
    on April 21, 2015

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